Member Companies

Celling Biosciences
CEO: Kevin Dunworth
TECHNOLOGY: Celling Biosciences provides medical implants and autologous regenerative cell therapies. The cells are harvested from the patient’s bone marrow and provided back in a point-of-care treatment. Celling has focused its research efforts on tissue regeneration and regenerative medicine (using autologous adult stem cell therapies) for the use in spinal fusions, orthopedics, trauma-related reconstruction and cosmetics.
TERM: With TLCC from 2009 to present, yearly
STAFF: Number of staff members: 3

DisperSol Technologies
CEO: Gershon Yaniv, PhD, MBA
TECHNOLOGY: Using a drug-polymer composite fusion technique called KinetiSol®, DisperSol Technologies has developed a method for creating drugs that are more soluble in aqueous environments, allowing for better oral absorption compared to other biologic medicines. The KinetiSol® fusion process also allows for the creation of a wide variety of pharmaceutical polymers that can be custom tailored to enhance bioavailability, improve safety and efficacy profiles, as well as develop tailored release profiles specific to the drug and pharmacokinetic profiles specific to the patient.
TERM: With TLCC from 2011 to Feb. 2015
STAFF: Number of staff members: 18

Infinite Response

Infinite Response is a biomedical engineering company.

 KJ Scientific
CEO: Karla Johanning, PhD.
TECHNOLOGY: KJ Scientific, LLC is an environmental chemical testing Biotech Company that focuses on using new technology to analyze chemicals (e.g., pesticides, personal care products, consumer goods, surfactants and pharmaceuticals) for accumulation in living organisms’ tissues to determine possible effects on human and wildlife health. The use of this innovative, alternative method will reduce the cost of testing chemicals; decrease the number of animals used for testing and diminishes the experimentation time significantly. The European Commission through REACH (Regulation, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) requires chemicals to be tested to ensure a high level of protection to human health and the environment and to promote alternative methods to assess hazardous substances. KJ Scientific, LLC is positioned to address these regulations and provide the services to industry.
TERM: With TLCC from 2014 to present, yearly
STAFF: Number of staff members: 5

Radix BioSolutions
CEO: Kerry Oliver, PhD
TECHNOLOGY: With a background in immunology, drug discovery, and biochemistry, Radix BioSolutions has been able to channel these disciplines into completely custom-developed assays and reagents. Using a comprehensive workflow, Radix works with clients to produce highly precise assays and quality controlled reagent products.
TERM: With TLCC from 2007 to present
STAFF: Number of staff members: 7

 Austin Community College Affiliate Companies

Environmental Quality Operations (EQO)

CEO: John Higley

Environmental Quality Operations (EQO) aims to bring modern molecular biological techniques, common in cancer diagnostics and treatment, to the field of environmental biology. Initial service launches will focus on both traditional and novel biological survey services in aquatic environments. Through the development of next-generation microbiome extraction and analysis technologies, EQO’s proprietary biological survey platforms are capable of quantifying and comparing native and invasive species content at a lower cost and faster turn-around compared to traditional sampling methodologies.

Fabrico Technologies
President: Robert Chin,PhD

Fabrico Technologies is a medical device company, which develops electronic hardware to meet health care professionals, hospitals and medical pathology laboratory neds and services.  They also serve and collaborate with other small businesses and entrepreneurs who are interested in licensing their technology to us to further develop their products or invest in new product lines.


KinetoChem is a synthetic organic chemistry company developing purification techniques to deliver pure products to customers.

Macmillan Learning Lab Solutions

Macmillan Learning Lab Solutions develops video learning modules for training and educational purposes.

Graduate Companies

Molecular Templates, Inc. 
CEO: Eric E. Poma, PhD
TECHNOLOGY: Molecular Templates has amassed a sizable library of Engineered Toxin Bodies (ETBs) for the treatment of cancer. These drugs are engineered to bind specifically with a target cell while still retaining the toxic properties of its parent molecule. Molecular Templates currently has a number of ETB treatments, as well as some novel cancer treatments in development.
TERM: With TLCC from 2009 to Jan. 2017
STAFF: Number of staff members: 19

​​“If your company is looking for a supportive environment for the next phase of it's development, I would recommend TLCC”

Kerry Oliver, PhD, CEO

Radix BioSolutions

"The TLCC is ideally suited to support young companies and their employees.”  

Gershon Yaniv, PhD, President and CEO

DisperSol Technologies

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