TLCC Executive Director Dr. Mike Douglas, James Chin from the Texas Governor's Office, and Georgetown Mayor Dale Ross visit China on invitation in 2015 to discuss collaboration with Chinese companies.

Come commercialize and grow your company at the Texas Life-Science Collaboration Center in Georgetown, Texas

Dear Valued Life Science Colleague,

The Texas Life-Science Collaboration Center is home to a cluster of biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics companies that are growing in Georgetown, Texas and more of these companies are coming. These companies are able to employ highly qualified, technically trained employees to develop biotechnologies and manufacture biomedical products.   

Specialized technical work force training is conducted on the TLCC site. The companies are able to recruit talented employees who are able to buy affordable homes for their families and who can be guaranteed the best schools for their children where Chinese is among the foreign languages taught in our elementary schools.   

The TLCC and the City of Georgetown provide a unique opportunity for biomedical product manufacturing and marking of your products and expanding your growth into the U.S. market.  

Most importantly, the Texas Life-Science Collaboration Center and research park is located in the rapidly growing Central Texas area, which offers the land and infrastructure needed to support your company's expansion to the United States. Here are some facts that support the favorable business climate for companies that come to Central Texas:   

1. We are located 3 hours from three of the largest cities and medical research centers in the United States. Houston, San Antonio and Dallas support a medical research and clinical trials infrastructure that is directly available to the companies that become members of the TLCC. These institutions alone conduct over 30% of the clinical  trials in the United States. 




2. Texas is the home to over 3,500 firms involved in life science research and development, services and manufacturing.  One out of every 15 biotechnology companies in the United States is located in Texas。

3.  More than 90,000 people are employed in the biotechnology sector in Texas.

4. Texas is number 1 in the United States for doctorates awarded to the agricultural, biological, biomedical, health and life sciences.

 5. MD Anderson Cancer Center in the Texas Medical Center has been named the number 1 cancer hospital for 7 consecutive years by US News & World Report.

6.Texas alone ranks as the 12th largest economy in the world based on GDP - ahead of Australia, Mexico, Spain, South Korea and others.

7. In 2014, CNBC named Texas “America’s Top State for Economy and Infrastructure”

8. In 2014, Texas was the number 1 exporting state for the 13th consecutive year, with exports over $290 billion.

 9. China was Texas’ 4th export destination in 2013, with over $10 billion in exports.

10. China was Texas’ 2nd import source country, with over $42 billion.

11. Texas’ top export markets includes China, Mexico, Brazil and Canada.

12. One of every 10 Fortune 500 companies is located in Texas.

13. Texas is one of the top 10 states in the US for the lowest tax burden.

14. Texas’ corporate franchise tax is flat rate of 0.5% on taxable margins.

15. Texas has no personal income tax.

16. Texas is a right to work state.

17. Texas retains an investment- ready portfolio of cutting edge companies.  

18. Property Tax abatements

19. Permitting fee wavers

20. Local funding to business-related infrastructure and recruitment, equipment, land and economic development purposes.

21. Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) is a deal closing fund that may provide case grants for business expansion or relocation.

22. Texas Enterprise Zone Program provides state sales and use taw refunds to qualified projects in economically distressed areas of the state.

 23. The Texas Skills Development Fund provides financing for customized job training programs for businesses who want to train new employees.

The TLCC currently has access to over 80,000 SF of laboratory, office and bioflex space to support life science and life-science service companies that are looking to expand their growth into the US market.  The TLCC is a “regional hub” supported by the Department of Commerce to help Asian companies expand their operation to central Texas. The center provides a network of service providers that help companies and their leaders locate and develop their business here.  The TLCC provides immigration services, legal counseling, business integration and support services to help company executives and their workers set up their operations at the TLCC.  Georgetown is an EB-5 service area and part of the TLCC regional hub services. The TLCC will work with prospective companies to document and secure the appropriate documentation.  
 TLCC 最近已有超过7400平方米的实验室,办公室和用于生物设施的空间来为企图到美国来扩展市场的生命科技公司或其服务公司提供支持。本中心为之提供一服务网络来帮助这些公司及其领导来此落户发展他们的事业。本中心可为前来的公司领导和员工提供移民服务,法律谘询和业务的整合和后勒支持。乔其敦市是EB-5适用的地區,也是处于本中心作为地區浮化器的服务范围之内。

Other services include consulting services in support of FDA regulatory requirements for biotechnology products and devices. We work with contract research organizations in the United States and China to assure a smooth transition of the medical products, medical foods and devices from China to the US through the Food and Drug Administration.  We believe that a strength of the TLCC is its ability to customize its solutions for the company expansion that you wish to bring to central Texas. Texas is unlike any other state in the US in providing the infrastructure, land, space and resources necessary for your success. As you consider your choices for expansion and future development of your company, we ask that you talk to us.  We work closely with the Office of the Governor in support of our mission to bring companies like yours to our region. If you are interested and we look forward to the opportunity to continue discussion and what it means to do business in Texas.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your interest further.

From the heart of Texas,
Sincerely yours


Michael Douglas, PhD
Executive Director
Texas Life-Sciences Collaboration Center


An Invitation to International Companies