1 Laboratory Ice maker VWR International 
1 Beckman Optima TLX 120 tabletop ultracentrifuge

   (speeds to 120,000 rpm and 625,000 x g -rotor dependent)
1 Beckman TLA 100.4 Rotor, up to 100,000 rpm and 545,000 x g, 8x5.1 mi capacity.

   (Same rotor style as TLA-110)
1 Molecular Imager VersaDoc, MP4000 System BioRad 
1 Guardian 1000 Digital 115 V  Guardian 1000 Digital 115 V & Installation VWR International 
1 Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Split 
1 Beckman Coulter J-26 X Medium speed centrifuge
1 Beckman Coulter 18 W/24-PL small centrifuge
1 Beckman Coulter JLA-16.250 Accessory rotor for centrifuge

1 Beckman  Coulter JA-25.50 Accessory rotor for centrifuge
1" Black Phenolic Countertops
1 ADT Security System
1 VWR CO2 Incubator for cell cultures Thermo
1 Thermo Scientific UV VIS Spectrophotometer 
1 Lab Conco 4FT UV 115 Biosafety hood 
1 VWR  Shaker Incubated 120V Bacterial growth chamber with agitation 
1 VWR Inverted Microscope
1 VWR Autoclave Model 3870EP 220V60HZ Lab sterilizer
1 VWR Laboratory Refrigerator/Freezer 
1 Barnsted Reverse Osmosis System 12LPH Laboratory water purification system 
1 VWR 4 ft Station Modular laboratory bench 
1 VWR Chart Recorder Accessory for ultra low freezer
1  VWR -86C 115V Ultra low laboratory freezer 
1 Barnsted Diamond UV/UF Laboratory water purification system 
1 VWR Symphoney Elec PH meter 
1 Mettler Toledo Laboratory Scale/Balance 4100G X .01G Instrument
1 Mettler Toledo 220G X 0.1MG laboratory scale 
1 VWR 36X22X36  Solvent storage cabinet 
1 VWR Laboratory Glassware washer
1 VWR Laboratory fume hood blower 
1 VWR 6ft laboratory hood for fume exhaust 
2  2x4 fan powered hepa filters 
1 Conference/Convention Display 10ft Eclipse Floor Display 
1 Zeiss Auxio Observer Microscope with Fluorescence Components
1 Zeiss AxioCamera MRm Demo Kit 

TLCC has two buildings with common lab space that includes:

  • Certified biological & chemical hoods
  • Optical imaging lab
  •  2 tissue culture labs
  • Autoclave sterilization capability
  • Preparation and ultra centrifuges
  • Back-up generators in both buildings


Building 2-

Up to 6,000 sq. ft. wet lab space 

Building 3

Shared wet laboratory space available for lease for 12-24 months in fully equipped high wet lab space. List of equipment listed below. 

Mixed-use laboratory and office space build-to-suit (1,360 sq.ft.)

Equipment List for Common Lab-Bldg 2

Equipment List for Common Lab-Bldg 3


Consolidated leasing
Administrative support
Access to financial services, including:

  • Capital resourcing services
  • Financial accounting
  • Strategic alliance development
  • Established private equity network assistance
  • Assistance with FDA approval

Brother labeler         
Eppendorf Pipettor Starter Kit (2)                            
VWR  microwave   120v, 60Hz, 1300 watts  
Eppendorf  Centrifuge 120v, 50/60Hz
Eppendorf Deep Well Rotor  120v, 60Hz
Eppendorf  Rotor 30x2ml  120v, 60 Hz
Eppendorf  Rotor 6x50ml  120v, 60 Hz
Eppendorf  Platform Clips         
VWR  Freezer -20 17 cubic feet (2) 115v, 60Hz, 15 a
VWR Thermo incubator C02  (2) 120v, 60 Hz
New Brunswick shaking incubator 120v, 60 Hz
VWR 4 cubic ft. Gravity convection incubator (2)             
VWR/azure  Geldoc system +200  115 v, 60 Hz
Nanovue/VWR/GE nanospectro. +computer (2) 100-240v, 50/60Hz
VWR/GE Spectrophot. (Genequant)100-240vac+/-10%, 50/60Hz, 50va
VWR Refrigerator double  115V/60/1 phase 15 amp dedicated outlet nema-5-15r
VWR Refrigerator single 115v, 5.2 A
VWR balance  .1mg60g Analytical Balance 100-240va 50/60 Hz .6a
VWR  Cell counter 100–240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A
Rubbermaid  Cart 26x46x33             
VWR  Micro centrifuge Galaxy 16D  (2)  120V, 50/60Hz
VWR orbital shaker  (2) 120v 5amps 75 watts
VWR  Universal Platform 13x13 (2)             
VWR portable balance  100vac 50/60hyz 9vdc
VWR  inverted cell culture micro.(2)  120v, 60 Hz
VWR  Block 20 Tapered hole 1.5ML (2)             
VWR  Fluorescent inverted micr.  (2) 120v, 60 Hz
         Laboratory Cart 18x39x33  (2)              
VWR  Clinical centrifuge  (2)   120v, 60 Hz
Integra  Cell culture aspirators (2) 100-240v, 50/60Hz
VWR  heat block (2) 120v, 50/60 Hz
         Hotplate stirrer (6)120v 0/60Hz 10a 575w
VWR  Ph meter 110/220 VAC
VWR Power supply 300vv  (2)  120V
VWR Water bath (2) 120V, 60Hz, 1.5A
Hoshizaki  ice maker 115v, 60Hz, 1 phase
VWR  microplate reader  90-250v, 50/60 Hz
VWR  mini centrifuge  (6) 115v, 60Hz
VWR Thermocycler 60Hz100-230v, 50/
VWR  Transilluminator white light  115v
UVP  UV lamps  (2) 115v
VWR  Mini Vortexer   (6) 120V, 50/60Hz, 75W
Tuttanaur  Autoclave MDL 3850EP 220V, 50/60Hz, 2400W
VWR  Power supply 250v 120V
VWR Freezer-80 17 cubic foot 208/230v 60 Hz 12a
         Triumph Board      
Elga  Water system Type I  115v, 60Hz w/Pressure Reg      
Shimadzu GCMsqp201 standard package w/  Direct Insertion  DI-2010         
           2014 Mass Spectral    
            Auto sampler AOC-6000                                1             
            Helium regulator                              1