The following equipment in the laboratory have been provided through Emergency Technology Fund grant award. 

Brother                       Labeler-SW                                                 
Eppendorf                   Pipettor Starter Kit (2)                                   
VWR                          microwave   120v, 60Hz, 1300 watts                                                      
Eppendorf                   Centrifuge   120v, 50/60Hz                                                   
Eppendorf                   Deep Well Rotor   120v, 60Hz
Eppendorf                   Rotor 30x2ml   120v, 60 Hz
Eppendorf                   Rotor 6x50ml   120v, 60 Hz
Eppendorf                   Platform Clips                                                
VWR                          Freezer -20 17 cubic feet (2)   115v, 60Hz, 15 a
VWR Thermo              incubator C02 (2)         120v, 60 Hz
New Brunswick           shaking incubator      120v, 60 Hz
VWR 4 cubic ft.          Gravity convection incubator (2)                 
VWR/azure                 Geldoc system +200      115 v, 60 Hz
Nanovue/VWR/GE      nanospectro. +computer (2)     100-240v, 50/60Hz
VWR/GE                    Spectrophot. (Genequant)        100-240vac+/-10%, 50/60Hz, 50va
VWR                          Refrigerator double                  115V/60/1 phase 15 amp dedicated outlet nema-5-15r
VWR                          Refrigerator single                   115v, 5.2 A
VWR balance              .1mg60g Analytical Balance    100-240va 50/60 Hz .6a
VWR                          Cell counter                            100–240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A
Rubbermaid                Cart 26x46x33                                                 
VWR                          Micro centrifuge Galaxy 16D (2)   120V, 50/60Hz
VWR                          orbital shaker  (2)   120v 5amps 75 watts
VWR                          Universal Platform 13x13   (2)                        
VWR balance             portable balance                 100vac 50/60hyz 9vdc
VWR                          inverted cell culture micro.  (2)   120V, 60 Hz
VWR                          Block 20 Tapered hole 1.5ML  (2)                 
VWR                          Fluorescent inverted micr. (2)   120V, 60 Hz
                                 Lab Cart 18x39x33    (2)                                             
VWR                          clinical centrifuge (2)   120v, 60 Hz
Integra                       Cell culture aspirators (2)   100-240v, 50/60Hz
VWR                          heat block   (2)   120v, 50/60 Hz
                                 Hotplate stirrer    (6)    120v 50/60Hz 10a 575w
VWR                         Ph meter   110/220 VAC
VWR                          Power supply 300vv (2)   120V
VWR                          Water bath   (2)   120V, 60Hz, 1.5A
Hoshizaki                   ice maker   115v, 60Hz, 1 phase
VWR                          microplate reader   90-250v, 50/60 Hz
VWR                          mini centrifuge  (6)   115v, 60Hz
VWR                          Thermocycler   (2)   60Hz100-230v, 50/
VWR                          Transilluminator white light   115v
UVP                           UV lamps  (2)   115v
VWR                          Vortexer  (6)   120V, 50/60Hz, 75W
Tuttanaur                    Autoclave MDL 3850EP    220V, 50/60Hz, 2400W
VWR                          Power supply 250v                                          
VWR                          Freezer-80 17 cubic foot   208/230v 60 Hz 12a
                                  Triumph Board                                               
Elga                           Water system Type I   115v, 60Hz
                                  Pressure Reg                                                  
Shimadzu                   GCMsqp201 standard package                 GCMS 8002742186                          
                                  Direct Insertion   DI-2010 1             
                                  2014 Mass Spectral                                       
                                  Auto sampler AOC-6000                                             
                                  Helium regulator                                           

TLCC’s mission includes developing a workforce that can meet the needs of biotechnology companies in Central Texas. TLCC has received funding from several sources to facilitate this mission, including a Texas Emerging Technology Grant.

Current education and workforce development initiatives include bringing representatives from Georgetown Independent School District and Austin Community College together to discuss offering biotechnology certification courses for GISD students.

Beginning in fall 2015, students taking biotechnology courses at ACC’s Round Rock campus will make use of the facilities at TLCC. TLCC facilities also are being used to provide training for GISD educators.

Several TLCC member companies offer internships for college students and the center sponsors an annual Internship Symposium.

For more information on TLCC’s educational programs, contact Director of Education Ron Swain at

ACC Common/Educational Lab


This schedule may be accessed by ACC staff, TLCC Staff and program participating companies. Please use contact form above for request to access this calendar.